How to Disable Right Click On Blogger - Stop Copy Paste

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How to Disable Right Click On Blogger - Stop Copy Paste: Learn how to disable right click on blogger to stop copy paste of your blog's content. Disabling right click on your blog to stop plagiarism has its advantages. Although you might be the original creator of the content on your blog, someone who copied from you, with the right backlinks and keywords in place, their posts can rank higher than yours in search results, meaning low benefits in terms of traffic, income after all your efforts.

Also, since Google is against duplication of content, you can get penalized for having them on your blog even though you are not the defaulter. Don't want all the time you've spent in researching and putting up your quality and
unique content to go to waste? here's how you can disable right clicking on your blog to stop copy and paste.

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How to Disable Right Click on Blog or Website

For tutorial blogs that will require visitors to copy part of the content, disabling right click on the blog is not advisable.

  •   From your  Blogger Dashboard 
  •   Goto  Layout.
  •   Click on Add Gadget.
  •   Select Html/Javascript
  •   Copy and Paste the code  below in the text field


<script language='JavaScript1.2'>

function disableselect(e){

return false


function reEnable(){

return true


document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false")

if (window.sidebar){





  •  Save the gadget.

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    Following the steps above on  how you can disable right clicking on your blog to stop copy and paste, on visiting your blog, you'll notice that selecting of the post or right clicking on it has been disabled.

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    1. I love this, and will help in keeping my blog post from plagrialism from other bloggers, thanks for sharing this awsome post, i realy appreciate that.

    2. This is wonderful and I really appreciate this.. Thanks

    3. This is wonderful and I really appreciate it but what are the disadvantages of there is any.

    4. Lolzzz! say No to ctrl C-V... Lovely tip ma

    5. waoow this will really be a good self measures and protection on intellectual right, if efforts are made to eradicate copy and paste, people will start cracking their brains for self ideas...

    6. Wonderful tips but some people are experts in copy and paste. One disadvantage of adding this script is that people may not also copy your tutorial codes which they need to in order to implement what you are teaching.

    7. Some people might not revisit your site if they're unable to copy, if that counts as a disadvantage. You shouldn't disallow copying on your blog if the blog is a tutorial one and requires people to copy code snippets

    8. This post is amazing, it is important to protect your blog content from these content thieves, but for some blogs it could be disadvantageous. Thanks for sharing.


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