Glo BIS Subscription For BB10

Glo BIS Subscription For BB10: Stumbling on this post means you've also realized that the BIS plan for some networks can't be used or does not work on BB10 devices. One of the reasons why anyone especially Nigerians would get a blackberry in the first place is because of its cheap data subscription as compared to data plans for devices like Android and PC. For all networks, BB10 has a different data plan which is quite expensive and at the same time very small as compared to BIS plan for blackberry devices. The allotted Megabytes can be exhausted within a day for heavy bundle users/internet freaks or within a matter of  2 weeks. Although these individual neworks have a seperate data plan for BB10, Glo BIS works perfectly on BB10 and even on Android devices.

Looking for something cheap, with good internet connection and one that doesn't require you to turn off your internet connection every now and then in order to conserve the data? then you should try the GLO BIS subscription for BB10. With this subscription, you can even connect your BB10 to your PC via hotspot and enjoy surfing the net at a cheap rate.

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How to Browse With Glo BIS on BB10

  • First, ensure you have 1,000 airtime on your phone
  • Dial *777*21# from your glo line or send comonth as a message to 777

By doing this, you have subscribe to the mothly BIS plan which costs 1000 naira and you'll get 3GB. To check your remaining data bundle on GLO,

  • Send status as a message to 777.

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  1. Hi Grace,
    I never used to like the BB devices not until blackberry lunched Z10, the BB10 devices rock I swear.
    This is a great subscription for BB10 users as glo seems to be the cheapest for them, other network subsciption for BB10 sucks.

    Thaks for sharing Ma :)

  2. Welcome Larry, I wasn't a fan either. Not until bb10 came in and are able to run android apps and games. Just like android devices, it takes so much data, only that our service providers made it difficult to enjoy browsing by bring a separate data plan for bb10 instead of BIS. Yes, glo BIS for BB10 devices has helped so far.

  3. This is cool. But can the subscription be used on Android or PC?

    1. Can't say for android. But yes it can be used on PC. This can be done by connecting from your bb10 to PC using mobile hotspot.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Princewill,

      Yes you can. Send me an email @ [email protected]


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